sabato 26 marzo 2016

R.I.P. Luciano Marziano

R.I.P. Luciano Marziano

A very good friend of mine died. What shall I say? That's not really easy to understand that somebody does not exist anymore.

I miss you and I would say something.

Great art critic, generous and elegant man, proud of himself with such a concrete creativity to write, in especially, I would say, about many different kinds of art. He loved the material, he was in love with the material! Thats why he had a very close feeling with pottery and sculpture. By the way, I remember his words when once I went to his place for a dinner: "nothing else matters, we make ceramic because it comes from the ground like us. We have just simply to take all of this from the very beginning to give that kind of shape which actually we don't know yet". I've bet, yeah Man you right. I'll keep on doing it! I said.

Dear Luciano thanks for our friendship. You're gonna stay on the road as long as possible. Move over for a Damage Case.



Simone SANTI GUBINI, Berlin 3/26/2016

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